The Hormotech Labs website is established with the purpose of general product information display only. For details of our products i.e. product quality, experience to use the products, international standard leaflets, and etc, our agents who are local physical work out center are pleased to provide the answers for all questions.

Because of many factors as followings:

1. Genuine, high purity and concentration raw materials used to produce all Hormotech Labs products.

2. Appropriate Injected site should be deep muscles such as Gluteal muscle and different site from previous Injection.

3. Repeat Injection at different location to avoid fibrosis formation.

4. PH (acid-base) of dilution used, raw material and finished products. Kindly be informed that we are developing a new effective dilution for less painful Injection.

Yes, most Hormotech Labs Injectable products are oil-based except Stanozolol Injection is water-based.

Hormotech Labs Product is almost created 1 decade of presence in the market. Fake products are found in the market with different package. The package of genuine Hormotech Labs products will have Hologram on every bottle and/or vial and packed in a special plastic case with a back cover label inserted in Cartridge Case, see in the sample photos in this website.