Mediphorm Pro-RL

Mediphorm is a sophisticated self-dispersing polymer with a 5000-fold weight absorption capacity. For quicker skeletal muscle growth, Mediphorm attaches to your current muscle fibers and forces more nutrients, blood, and water into the desired location. The product requires little maintenance and can last up to 18 months and which makes it one of the most demanding site enhancement gear.

The main ingredient in Mediphorm is hyaluronic acid, a form of connective tissue, in our muscles, skin tissues like cartilage, and bones where it gives them strength. Additionally, it increases moisture to give cells more fuel for their work. Due to the fact that its anions don’t react negatively with one another like other sugars might if they were heated to high enough temperatures, this wonderful molecule can do all of these functions without inflicting damage (which would rupture these chemistry-based ties).

Before coming here, I assume that everyone must have heard the word “mediphorm“. Numerous people have concerns about it. It is a miracle liquid to some and a means of self-validation to others. However, what exactly is Mediphorm? It is a highly Advanced Hyaluronic Acid. In addition to treating the skin and eyes, it is also utilized by numerous models to enlarge their butt. It is 100% capable of fully recovering from your chronic wounds.

Due to Mediphorm’s quick recovery time and capacity for muscular growth, it is used in bodybuilding. It’s a site enhancement that excels at targeting a certain muscle or body part. Everybody’s body has some deficiencies and some strengths. Like how someone could have a terrific chest but a weak bicep or a great bicep but a very strong shoulder muscle. The most common technique for overcoming all of these limitations is mediphorm.

  • Dosage : Ideal 1ml to 2ml / Week
  • Active Half-Life : 6-8 months

Dosage & Administration :

For your information, you can inject Mediphorm into any muscle you desire to grow or your weakest muscle. However, you should use extreme caution and a professional’s assistance when injecting it.

Bicep - On both bicep head areas, you must inject extremely carefully. In order to prevent damaging your ligaments, make sure you inject it in the top area. 1.5 ml for each muscle rather than per head. (0.75 ml in each head).

Tricep - Even though the triceps have three heads, you only need to apply to the long and short heads; the middle head will keep hold of itself. You’re going to need help with this. 1.5 ml for each muscle rather than per head. (0.75 ml in each head).

Shoulder - Most likely, you can administer this yourself. It should only be injected into the upper part. If you are unable to do it in all three heads, at least do it in two.

Chest - Your chest is now the focus. When injecting into the chest, be careful not to inject too deeply because the chest will absorb it. If applying in the middle is problematic for you, you can also apply merely on both sides of the upper chest.

Lats - The same problem that we suffer with the chest also affects our lats. It can swiftly absorb the medicine. Yes, you need someone to inject for you as you try to inject just beneath the muscle’s surface.

Legs - Although there is a lot of muscle in the legs, it is frequently just injected in the front. But you get to decide exactly where you want to inject.

Calves - On both of the calves’ muscle heads, you must inject extremely slowly. In order to prevent damaging your ligaments, make sure you inject it in the upper-middle area. Between 0.75 and 1 ml per muscle head.

Mediphorm Pro-RL Cycle :

Mediphorm’s cycle is extremely straightforward. A dosage may be taken every five days. For instance, if you inject into your bicep on day 1, your second dose will be given five days later. This cycle can be repeated for 4 to 6 weeks.

There will be a maintenance period following the completion of your cycle. You need to inject the same muscle once a month during the maintenance phase. Your maintenance window can last between two and three months. It is preferable to inject it into the muscle you will be working out.

Keep in mind that this can have negative side effects and is a very risky thing. Use Mediphorm only after conducting a thorough study.

Which needle and syringe do you need to inject Mediphorm :

Mediphorm is so thick, like oil or gel, that it’s impossible to inject it with a standard needle from the market. A 26G 25mm (1 inch) needle is required to correctly inject Mediphorm. We will use a 5 ml syringe because sometimes we may need to inject 2 to 4 ml of Mediphorm at a time.

Some More Details about the Needle :
Gauge – 26G
Needle Length (mm) – 25mm
Needle Length (inch) – 1/2 inch
Hub Colour – Brown(commonly)
Type – Luer slip
Also known as – Brown needle


  • Clean the area where the injection will be given before starting.
  • After injecting, thoroughly shake the injection site.
  • Before injecting another muscle for a second time, remember to change the needle to ensure that you are pain-free and immune to infection.


One thing we learned is that mediphorm is only used by professionals who are competing at the highest level possible. Do not use this if you often go to the gym. In actuality, no negative effects of mediphorm have been reported. If you use the genuine product and take the exact dosage, it is very safe to use. However, delay using it until it is impossible to achieve your physical goals naturally.